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Events and Ceremonies in Colorado 
March and April

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Full Moon Women

Date: March 24

Where: 966 Main St. apt A Carbondale 

Time: 5pm

Cost: $20

Lunar woman join us inThis dynamic full moon circle, an immersive experience that invites us to explore the memory and wisdom of our body. We will place emphasis on conscious manifestation and connection with our intentions, creating a sacred space of love, respect and sisterhood.


  • Sound Healing with bowls

  • sacred chants

  • Active meditation

  • Manifestation rituals

  • cacao

Estimated time:  

Approx.  2  hours

Necessary elements:

  • A bottle of water

  • A snack to share at the end of the ceremony.

  • Seeds or flowers

  • a little bit of yarn of any color

  • A mat to sit on

  • You can bring your instrument

  • You can bring some element of personal power to intention 

Cacao Ceremony

Date: April 13

Where: 275 oak run road, Carbondale

Time: 4 p.m.

Cost: $50 before April 11

$60 after the 11th


I love cacao 🤎 and I want to share the beauty and joy it has brought to my  life!  

✨Join me for an authentic Cacao Ceremony, a sacred encounter steeped in tradition and wisdom. 

🤍In this ceremonial space, we pay tribute to the spirit of cacao as a sacred medicine, revered by indigenous cultures throughout Mesoamerica for its ability to open the heart, ❤️‍🔥deepen connection and facilitate internal transformation.


🪶Guided by ancient rituals and ceremonial practices, we will delve into on a journey of self-discovery, healing and renewal.

🧘🏻‍♀️🧘🏼We will share songs,  meditation and blessings, while we enjoy the rich elixir of ceremonial cacao.🤎 We invite its loving energy to awaken our senses, calm our souls and illuminate our paths. 

Duration time:

3 to 4 hours

Necessary elements:

  • Seeds

  • 1 unscented candle

  • Flowers

  • A mat and or a cushion to sit on 

  • Your favorite instrument

  • A snack or fruit to share at the end of the ceremony.

  • Women are requiered to where a dress or long skirt. (You can wear leggings underneath the skirt if you wish. (no pants)

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Sacred Walk:
Honoring our Ancestors

Date- March 30 

Time: 10 am

Where: Red Hill Trail in Carbondale - (Mushroom rock trail)

Cost: $25

Based on the ancestral practices of the Mayan Toltec culture, this ceremony integrates unity and harmony with nature, as well as deep respect and gratitude towards our ancestors and the spiritual guardians of the environment in which we live.

This experience is designed for those who feel an internal call to reconnect with their roots, with nature within and without, seeking greater awareness in each step and strengthening their bond with intuition and natural elements. We will venture on a walk to a sacred place, fasting from judgment and in silence, freeing ourselves from any superfluous burden along the way.

Estimated time:

approx. 3 hours

Necessary elements:

  • A small backpack to transport your belongings.

  • A bottle of water

  • A snack to share at the end of the ceremony.

  • Seeds as part of the offerings.

  • A little bit of yarn of any color

  • A mat to sit on

We will meet at the Red Hill trail parking lot at 9:45 am and we will start at 10 on time.

Please make sure to reserve your spot or arrive on time for this experience!

Date: April 5

Where:  494 Morrison st. Carbondale, Co

Time: 6 pm

Cost: $25 USD

In reverence to the sacred Toltec traditions, we come together in a circle, welcoming women of all ages who are journeying on the path of personal evolution in comunity. This women's circle is for you if you feel called to reconnect with the magic within you. 

This is an invitation to create medicine in TRIBE, to honor our sacred feminine, connect with the elements of our nature and awaken our ancestral wisdom. 

Women's Circle

Estimated time:

2 to 3 hours

Necessary elements:​​

  • Seeds

  • Your water bottle

  • Flowers

  • A mat and or a cushion to sit on 

  • Your favorite instrument

  • A snack or fruit to share at the end of the ceremony.

  • Wear a skirt or a dress please (you can wear leggings underneath)

Tapices Etnicos
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