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About me

My search for comprehending myself and the world on a deeper psychological level, led me to take an intensive, more experiential than theoretical, 6 year training in Integrative Body Psychotherapy. Parallel to my professional path, I inquired and participated in ancient traditional practices that immediately became a key to unfolding a fusion between a scientific based approach to the human psyche and the awareness of an ancient pillar  in the processes of psycho-emotional healing.   


I seek to promote and reincorporate the ancestral wisdom in our day to day and to the processes of psycho-emotional transformation, integrating personal work with expanded states of conciousness in therapy. 

May our spirits unite in this journey of regaining consciousness, may we unfold the misteries of your lineage in this space woven with an intention, the intention of accompanying, supporting and sharing a path, the path of awareness, the path to responsability, the path that not many dare to take, the path of self love.                             

                                                                                                 From my heart to yours,

Karla  Y. Rojas Ruiz

  Lets  connect.

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