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Integrative body psychotherapy is a psychotherapy that recognizes and treats the somatic (physical), psychological/emotional, and spiritual nature of a human being. It is based on the premise that the body, mind, and spirit are not separate, but rather integrated parts of a whole person. Every experience has a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspect, which manifests internally within the body and externally in relationship to others.

  The goal is to  connect the body with the emotions, allowing the discharge of negative emotions and traumas through emotional liberation techniques, promoting self-knowledge, change of thoughts, feelings and behaviors in an integrative way.

Some benefits:

  •  Helps you discover the origin of your negative patterns.

  • Helps release repressed emotions and eliminate muscle tension.

  • Helps incorporate methods to regulate your nervous system.

  • promotes and generates body awareness

  •                                               You learn to:

  • pause before reacting.

  • give yourself the space you need.

  • get in touch with your basic needs.

  • communicate assertively.

  • be kind to yourself.

  • to meditate.

  • connect with your breath 


Ancestral Psychotherapy

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